Welcome to my academic web home. I’m an anthropologist and historian, with M.A. degrees in each discipline, and a Ph.D. in American Studies, who specializes in the study of media, film, popular and cultural history.

I am a native of Detroit, who until 2012 was living in Swansea, Wales, teaching in the Departments of Political and Cultural Studies (American Studies and War & Society) and Translation (Screen Studies) at Swansea University. I’m currently residing in Brooklyn and teaching at Pace University.

The links below will take you to information on my publications. The book based on my Ph.D. work at Swansea University, Exploring the Next Frontier: Vietnam, NASA, Star Trek and Utopia in 1960s and 70s Myth and History as well as my newest edited volumes, The Play Versus Story Divide in Game StudiesThe Fantastic Made Visible (edited with Ace G. Pilkington) and Playing with the Past: Digital Games and the Simulation of History (edited with Andrew B.R. Elliot; that book also has it’s own web page at You can also find information on my earlier books and other publications. The books are The Films of James Cameron: Critical Essays, which I edited with Stephen McVeigh of Swansea University, Star Trek As Myth: Essays on Symbol and Archetype at the Final Frontier, as well as volumes on Star Wars and The Matrix. Information on other publications and presentations can be found on those pages and you can also take a look at what I’ve taught and where.

To the right you’ll find various links to the work of colleagues, and a mostly accurate and more complete bio of myself on Wikipedia that amuses the heck out of me.





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